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From Elegant to Edgy

Building the Band

 Kelli a.k.a. Remi

Universal Italia

Morris Day and "The Day-Z's"
on Warner Bros./Reprise

David Cassidy Tour

Various Tours

Kauai Peace Project


Building the Band
As a keyboard player and vocalist, I am able to offer a variety of different choices ranging from solo acoustic piano to full bands. I can build on acoustic piano/vocals for more of an "unplugged" sound or build on a "one person band" (electric keyboard with keyboard bass, drum machine and vocals) for a more high energy event. By "Building the Band" I am able to give clients the fullest possible sound for the best possible price.

My first recommendation to a client in "Building the Band", is to begin by adding a guitarist/vocalist to my "one person band" to create a duo. This combination would give a client the fullest sound with the least amount of band members which is an excellent choice if you have space limitations as well as more intimate gatherings. My next recommendation if a client wants a higher energy, is to add a drummer or for more listening/background type events, add a sax player to create a trio. From a trio we can add a bass player, (or sax player if we have already added drums) to create a quartet. From here, we just keep "Building the Band" depending on a clients budget, venue size, how many guests are expected to attend, etc. I can add as many pieces as a client so desires.

I also offer a package that includes solo cocktail piano for the first hour of an event and DJ for the remainder. This gives the client the best of both worlds - live music for the beginning of the evening for background/conversation, and DJ for dancing. This allows me to customize the music to seamlessly flow from start to finish, building the energy as the evening progresses and keep the dance floor full. This package also helps keep the costs down since a client would not have to hire both a pianist and a DJ separately.

Solo debut, released under my artist name “Remi”™

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It is an honor to be featured on the new Universal Italia release titled "Groove 90". This compilation includes the best of R&B, new soul and mellow grooves with a great line up of artists including Grover Washington, Jr., Phyllis Hyman, Norman Brown, Tone-Loc, Incognito, Clive Griffin - just to name a few. If you find yourself in Italy in the months to come, keep your ears open for “In the Heat of the Night" (under my artist name, Remi™) floating across Italia airwaves!

Pictured below: Cover art from "The Day-Z's" on Warner Bros./Reprise (Keyboards/
Back-up vocals). Produced by Morris Day ala an all female version of "The Time".

Day-Z's artwork

Day-Z's artwork

Artwork for the first single "Certainly"

Morris Day and "The Day-Z's" on the set of our video shoot for the first single "Certainly"

Promo shot for Warner Bros.

David Cassidy Tour

On tour with David Cassidy opening for the Beach Boys

David Duets

Photo booth fun with Cassidy and Danny Bonaduce

Sitting in on keyboards with the Beach Boys

Various Tours

I've had the pleasure of touring with such fabulous talents as Teena Marie, Karyn White, David Cassidy and Christopher Cross along with co writing several songs and a single for recording artist Rachel Rachel (see pictured above in upper left corner).

Kauai Peace Project

I was honored to serve as the ambassador for the Music Heals Foundation. I was invited to perform as well as teach a songwriting workshop for the Kauai Peace Project.

Music Heals

Just one of many successful concerts/fundraisers organized by the Music Heals Foundation. I am one of 6 founding members pictured here.


Although I do not play accordian, through the magic of television you would think I was a professional. I also had the pleasure of backing up recording artist "Monica" on acoustic piano for another segment of Felicity. The days shoot just got better when the shows producer invited me to stay and appear as an extra for the "evening gown/talent show" portion of the episode and then ended up (in real life), hiring me to do the music for her wedding!